Fall Giveaways

Leading up to the Facebook Party I’m co-hosting on November 2, I’m offering several fall giveaways in the hopes of generating interest for the party and for the authors in general. Over the course of my blog’s lifespan, it’s been my great honor to feature the works of many talented authors, several of whose books will be included in these giveaways.

Yaasha Moriah   |   RJ Conte   |   DG Lamb   |   J Andersen   |   Kerry Nietz

My Rationale

Though it might not appear so at first, there’s a connection between the authors attending the Driven III Facebook Party and the authors of the Fall Giveaway books:

  • Each one had a novel featured in Sci-fi September.
  • Each one writes relatively clean novels with deeper themes.
  • Each one is Christian, though some of the stories are less overtly Christian than others.

The specific books I’m offering in the pre-party giveaway also have in common that they’re either novels I’ve featured previously on my blog or ones I’ve rated highly in a review… and/or intend to feature on my blog in the future: Yes, Wings Beneath Water, I’m looking at you.

So, if you have an interest in the giveaways, I hope you’ll also make time to attend the Upcoming Launch Party with even more giveaways!


But before we get to the pre-party giveaways, here’s a quick little teaser about each of the Facebook Launch Party authors:

Kerry Nietz

51woleooewl-_sy346_Kerry’s novel A Star Curiously Singing won the Readers Favorite Gold Medal Award for Christian Science Fiction and is notable for its dystopian, cyberpunk vibe in a world under sharia law. It is often mentioned on “Best of” lists. (From the author’s bio.)

By the way, this one’s free on kindle and it’s A-MA-ZING!

J Andersen

I haven’t had a chance to read J Andersen’s books yet, but they look incredible. Follow the link here for a spotlight on her Destiny by Design Series. The author has an intriguing personal story as well:


From “My Writing History,” on J Andersen’s website:

Me: Hey, God, if you really want me to write a book, you need to give me a topic.

God: How about abortion?

Me: Ummmmm… That’s a little heavy, don’t you think? I mean, I am writing for teens, after all.

God: Nah, it’s perfect. That’s what I want you to write about.

DG Lamb


Driven to the Hilt: The Deepest Cut recently won the TOP prize for Science Fiction from Independent Author’s Network for 2018!


Besides that, DG Lamb is also a clinical neuropsychologist who’s managed to write a psychologically-compelling main character.

Note: The author is hosting a separate giveaway for the entire published series (books 1-3 so far); it closes on October 31.

As for my own prizes, I’ve divided the swag and books into three separate giveaways, all of which can be entered in the same way (described below):

Giveaway 1: Romantic comedy with a religious twist.

New signed paperback of My Fault by RJ Conte + religious-themed magnetic page markers.

Premise: Quirky Cleo Stanton has a problem: she’s falling for the guy she ran over with her car when she should not have been driving… (Read more here.)

My review: If you like romance and need a little facelift—as in the corners of your mouth—consider reading this witty rom-com. But Beware! “My Fault” by RJ Conte is one of those books with the power to suck readers in. In that respect, it works as a weight lift too because this book is hard to put down! (Read more here.)

My blog article: I loved so many aspects of this book it’s hard to know where to start. How about… An Awesome Premise… (Read more here.)

Giveaway 2: Sacrificial love and truth.

New signed paperbacks (Wings Beneath Water and Lucent Sylph) + “In Christ you are…” magnet and Colossians 1:15 bookmark + colorful bag/purse.

What do Wings Beneath Water and Lucent Sylph have in common?

“Bittersweet and beautiful, Lucent Sylph is a short story about sacrificial love.” (Read my full review here.)

Wings Beneath Water is “A poignant story about truth, sacrifice, and brotherly love. Absolutely amazing: 5+ stars.” (Read my full review here.)

If you’re looking for a little spiritual inspiration in the form of fiction, look no further. If these books don’t move you, I’m not sure what will. (By the way, Lucent Sylph is free on kindle!)

And let’s not forget the swag (magnet and bookmark + bag):


Giveaway 3: On Becoming RESOLUTE!

New signed paperback of DG Lamb’s Driven to the Hilt: The Deepest Cut + two gently-used hardback picture books and a used copy of Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff.

DG Lamb’s debut novel isn’t outwardly religious and there is some mild language. In that sense, it’s good for a general audience. However, the questions he poses in this novel delve deep into issues of right and wrong. Furthermore, author and neuropsychologist DG Lamb designed Protagonist Joshua with one major lesson in mind: No matter what we face, we all have choices. Like hero Joshua, we too can actively steer our lives rather than passively submitting to every threat. We too can become… RESOLUTE.

My Review: This book is not what I expected, but wow. The back cover blurb, which I remembered only vaguely when I started reading the novel is accurate, but the sword on the cover threw my expectations: In the back of my mind, I was thinking, “this is a fantasy.” Truth be told, this book is unlike any I’ve ever read. (Link to the full blog article review.)

Yaasha Moriah also wrote a pretty spectacular review, chocked full of useful information. For more Interviews, Reviews, and Guest Posts—Oh my!—check out the full Blog Tour Schedule (by date or by category).

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