My Writing

I write in order to draw Christ from the dusty stacks of theoretical contemplation and religious thinking in order to make Him real on the page—to demonstrate through personal transparency and dramatic arc (with my characters as stand-ins) all the wonderful benefits God has wrought in my life. I aspire to inspire others to overcome “insurmountable” odds—especially to combat inner darkness through the power of God’s light.

That light is the Word—Jesus. “In Him was life, and that life was the light of all mankind” (John 1:4). I pray His words would shine through my writing, illuminating every lie, dispersing all darkness, delivering the revelation truth that makes men whole: The full Gospel.

Not just the afterlife gospel: “I’ll be okay when I get to heaven.” But the NOW gospel: “Jesus’s victory has won me freedom and wholeness in this life as well.”

A Note About Genre

I’d rather create my own world than obligate myself to Earth’s geographical and historical particulars. Scientific laws are another matter however.

Just as mass attracts mass, I’ve always gravitated toward the creative freedom of the Speculative genre. And romance?

Whereas once I was riveted by the magnetic attraction of two “destined” souls, my heart now beats for the embers of love my Savior kindled long before this sleeping bride woke from slumber.


Even when romance enters my stories, I long to write in order to magnify the pure love that changed my heart. To keep the focus where it belongs—on the only One capable of resurrecting this deadened soul and empowering transformation.

Yes, there’s something both natural and magical about romance. Something eternal and impossible. Imperfect and flawed and real. Like all things, romantic love is a gift from God—and yet still a dim shadow of God’s love for us.

Writing Lessons

If there’s any lesson I’ve learned about writing in this most recent season of life, it’s this: Just because there’s a will doesn’t always mean there’s a way. The only will that prevails is His will. So, over the past several months, I’ve learned to let go of my wants, to open my hands to God, and say, “Abba, what do you want from my writing?” At times, He’s given me a deluge of creativity. At other times, I’ve hit a wall, and His answer to prayer was, “Wait.”

I gave it to Him, let it all go, and even stopped writing for a time before I sensed, once again, His green-light signal to GO. Now, on any given day, I never know whether I’ll hit a wall or a road. Whatever I hit, I know this one thing: God will be there waiting.

What I write next is up to Him…

One potential WIP is a Dystopian, represented somewhat figuratively in the commissioned artwork by the talented Nevena Jevtic: