“Driven to the Hilt” Blog Tour

From the last week of September going into October, in preparation for the release of book 3 in the “Driven to the Hilt” series, Author DG Lamb and I are hoping to get some bloggers on board to help generate interest for the first two books in the series. (Scroll down for more general information about the tour.)

Just for the record, I really can’t recommend these books highly enough. The world-building and characterization blew me away. Be sure to check out the summary pasted below but also note: I’m not the sort of person who is naturally drawn to survival stories…but I LOVED this story. I also don’t like scary creatures, but I LOVED this. Author DG Lamb has created his own unique flora and fauna. It’s truly amazing. It might not be in your usual genre, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you wouldn’t enjoy it.

* And there will be some free mobis for those scheduled to participate * 😎

To read more about the world-building and characterization, check out my blog posts here: CHARACTERIZATION and SETTING.

Book Summary

“Already a social outcast because of his father’s alleged betrayal, young Joshua finds himself trapped outside the mining colony on the planet of Cypress Grove. He faces a murky rainforest infested with a creature so deadly, it has kept all humans confined inside their only settlement for decades. If he can manage to escape these alien wilds, he must then brave the even darker dangers of the colony’s underworld.

“It is a tale of survival, a premature coming of age in an environment demanding resiliency, inventiveness, and self-reliance. But when teetering on the sharp edge of stark choices, decisions of life or death, can Joshua afford to consider questions of right and wrong, or does expediency rule the day?

“Debut author D G Lamb, a clinical neuropsychologist, uses his understanding of posttraumatic stress symptoms to inject psychological authenticity and complexity into Joshua’s personality, creating a wounded, but endearing central character.”

General Tour Information

If you’ve never participated in a blog tour before, you might find my article “Anatomy of a Blog Tour” to be helpful. Among other things, it describes the different types of posts one might expect to see in any given blog tour. For those of you who might be a little short on time, for example, a book spotlight would simply be a post of the book cover, the back cover summary, and a little section about the author.

If you think you might interested in participating, there’s a cursory sign-up here: Blog Tour Sign-up Questionnaire (via Giveaway Tools). Or you can contact me through this website. In particular, I’d like to know:

  1. Your blog/web address
  2. How many of DG Lamb’s books you’ve read so far (don’t worry if you haven’t read any yet and note that some types of posts don’t require you to have read the books)
  3. The type of post you’d most like to feature (e.g., Author Interview, Book Review, Book Spotlight/Feature, Character Interview, Guest Post, Visual post—descriptions here).
  4. Preferred post dates
  5. Are you interested in being involved in the Facebook Party? (Are you willing to offer a giveaway?)
  6. Any other thoughts / comments / questions

My sincere hope is that everyone involved will benefit from the tour. Thanks for your interest!


Lara Storm Hitchcock