Biblical Fiction in 2019

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Series Overview

In January, in a blog article about Character Goals and New Year’s Resolutions, I mentioned briefly one of my goals for 2019: to lose weight. Another goal that’s been shaping my plans for the year is to read through the Bible, simultaneously digesting articles and commentaries that help me reconsider the biblical text and address my various questions.

In conjunction with these Bible reading plans mentioned above (a journey that will, no doubt, take me longer than a single year), I’ll be embarking on a parallel journey through fiction. Specifically, biblical fiction—to be read alongside the historical, scriptural accounts.

However, before I could read any biblical fiction, I first had to find it. I’ve already spent some time exploring what’s available within this genre, which in turn has led me in an attempt to organize and categorize my findings on Pinterest. (Old Testament | New Testament | Disclaimer: My aim for these boards is to be comprehensive. I haven’t read every book shown. As such, a novel’s inclusion on the board is not necessarily an endorsement. Not all were written by Christians, so not all need adhere to a purely biblical perspective. Please read the reviews to discern if a novel is right for you.)

If you’re looking for biblical fiction, the Pinterest boards are a good place to start. However, realizing the limitations of Pinterest, I thought it might be instructive to create a Biblical Fiction Database, which I intend to pursue via blog posts like “Genesis: The Bible in Fiction” (coming soon).

As I pursue these goal, my hope is to record enough of my findings and insights that others might be directed in whatever way God leads. I can’t guarantee that my plans won’t change as my journey progresses, but so far, I’m planning three different kinds of posts for this series:

  1. Biblical Overviews: My musings on certain sections of scripture, like the one on Genesis.
  2. Bible in Fiction” posts: A listing of biblical fiction titles, complete with reviews and recommendations, links and blurbs, to accompany the Pinterest Boards (OT/NT) and serve as articles within the Biblical Fiction Database.
  3.  Testimonies & Guest Posts: I’d like to include what people (myself included) have to say about the benefits of biblical fiction (like my article “Biblical Fiction: Why?” as well as “Biblical Fiction: My Testimony, part 1” and, hopefully, articles by authors of biblical fiction, whether original, reblogged, or reprinted with permission—like the kind of article found here).

I hope you’ll join me in exploring biblical fiction in 2019!

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