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Disclaimer: My aim for this database is to be comprehensive. I haven’t read every book shown. As such, a novel’s inclusion on the board is not necessarily an endorsement. Please read the reviews to discern if a novel is right for you.

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He Who Lifts The Skies


Powerful imagery creates a ‘you are there’ immersion in the story of the post-Flood world. Kacy Barnett-Gramckow fans raved about her extraordinary job of bringing the Flood to life in the Heavens Before. Now, she continues to flesh out the Bible’s brief account of the rise of Nimrod and the Babel rebellion with scintillating characters and a wealth of imaginative detail.

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A Crown In The Stars



A Crown in the Stars follows the growing rebellion of mankind as the tribes of the earth continue building the great tower begun by Nimr-Rada (commonly known as Nimrod). After the Most High Himself thwarts their plans by confounding human speech, He comforts His followers by revealing to them the identity of Abram, father of the tribe that will bring forth their savior, the Promised One.

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Gilgamesh Immortal


The Ancient Epic of Gilgamesh Brought to Life

In the ancient world after the Flood, the sons of Noah fill the earth. Wickedness reigns.

One giant warrior king named Gilgamesh sets out on an epic journey to seek eternal life in a land filled with death.

Accompanied by his only friend, the wild-man Enkidu, his quest takes them from a giant’s forest, to the mountain of the gods, to the Path of the Sun in the Underworld…

And ultimately to a distant magical island to find the one man granted divine favor during the Deluge: Noah.

The secret Gilgamesh discovers will change history forever.

Gilgamesh Immortal is the third book of the Biblical Fiction Series Chronicles of the Nephilim, a biblical epic story of the fallen angelic Watchers and their offspring, the Nephilim giants of Genesis 6.

This Biblical Fiction series is rated PG-13, appropriate for mature teens and above, similar to the Bible and The Lord of the Rings.

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