Biblical Fiction Database: Characters: Joseph (son of Jacob)

Disclaimer: My aim for this database is to be comprehensive. I haven’t read every book shown. As such, a novel’s inclusion on the board is not necessarily an endorsement. Please read the reviews to discern if a novel is right for you.

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Book Descriptions

Till Shiloh Comes


The familiar story of patriarch Jacob and his twelve sons comes to new life and power in this masterful retelling by Gilbert Morris. Joseph seems to be the one who will be chosen to carry on the family name and birthright, but Jacob makes a startling announcement: “The scepter will not depart from Judah until Shiloh comes…”

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Joseph: Dreamer of Dreams


As a boy, Joseph heard God speak, convincing him of a wondrous plan. But as the years passed, loneliness and rejection were his constant companions. Fortified with God’s promises, he faces personal trial and heartache, on a journey that will take him from the pit of despair to the pinnacle of power – second only to pharaoh himself. In the process, he learns to how to help those who hurt him.

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