The Renegade Skyfarer Blog Tour as an example

God’s Grace Blog Tours organized and ran the Renegade Skyfarer blog tour. See the kick-off here, which includes the scheduled stops along the tour (also here with direct links). Note the different types of posts:


My Experience

As a Blog Tour participant I didn’t have a *comprehensive* insider’s view of the organization process, but some of the information might be helpful regardless.

I learned of the scheduled blog tour in the Realm Makers Facebook Group in a May 29th post that linked to an online form requesting information about the blogger, preferred date (over the course of the two-week tour), and the type of post (see bullet points above). The request for bloggers went out about a month in advance of the novel’s release (with a blog tour from July 2-14). Note however, if you intend to hire someone to organize a tour for your release, more time may be required. For example, God’s Grace Tours requests “at least 3-4 months in advance of your desired tour dates.”

After signing up to participate in the blog tour as a reviewer, I received a kindle mobi ARC (advanced review copy) of Renegade Skyfarer. As soon as the book went live on Amazon, I was asked to add my official review. As a participant, I also received a media kit (essentially what you see here).

Planning a Blog Tour

Here are a few general links that might prove helpful in planning a blog tour:

If you’re looking to hire someone to organize a tour for you, there are a number of sites available for the job: