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How do I begin to explain who I am in light of all God’s done? The only way I see to express such dramatic change is through the power of story. A character enters his or her narrative stuck in some way, believing some lie, attempting greatness and failing. Only by showing, step by step, the struggles-in-question through the conduit of story—by demonstrating the character’s fight to overcome—can I hope to draw my readers into a journey they can experience for themselves, simultaneously conveying the magnitude of my own God-empowered transformation.

Testimonies may inspire the masses, but transformation isn’t transferred. It’s a byproduct of critical truths revealed amidst the journey. These are truths we all need to wrestle with ourselves. Not only in the mind but experientially as well. That’s why someone else’s truth-revelation often fails to stick. Revelation comes from God—through life experience. What other explanation could there be for the Israelites’ rehearsal of the Passover? The miraculous manna and water supplies? Their long years of wandering in the desert? God could’ve simply told them the truth: “I’m your Savior and your provider. There’s no promised land without trust in Me.”

But God knows the power of experiential learning. Whereas simple head knowledge puffs up pride, experiential revelation transforms our hearts. When we change, our writing changes as well; that’s what God did for me.

Until late last year (2018), so much of my writing came from a need to prove myself rather than the One who made me who I am. Then God proved Himself to me—His love, His sufficiency, His power to save—by healing me (almost overnight) from a decade’s worth of anxiety and depression.

Likewise, when we see ourselves in a character, in a particular struggle to overcome, in a slippery path taken or a lie believed, we have an opportunity to glean some personalized revelation-truth.

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Lara’s Bio

Lara Storm spends at least half her life within the musty vaults of her brain, constructing new worlds and engaging fictional friends. Since winning the Illinois Young Authors Contest in middle school, she took a detour through graduate school and spent three years as an instructor of geology at the college level before completing her first unpublished novel in 2013.

From caving, to hiking, to whitewater kayaking, Lara has been involved in a number of exciting outdoor activities, some of which crop up in her writing. She has written songs, created recipes for brewing beer, and enjoys dabbling in photo manipulation.

When she’s not writing (or chasing an energetic toddler around the house), she enjoys critiquing and mentoring other writers.

Connect with her right here or at https://www.facebook.com/AuthorLCStorm.