Visual Scavenger Hunt, Winter 2018


On November 2nd of this year, I hosted my first ever Facebook party, and one of my best ideas from that night (in my opinion) was to hide the image of a spider silhouette in one of the many graphics as a fun game. (See if you cam spy it among these images.)

Incidentally, this graphic scavenger hunt game reminds me of time spent at my Grandma’s house, searching for hidden graphics within the pages of Country Magazine and Birds & Blooms

All of this to say I thought it would be fun to host a scavenger hunt on my blog site. Which means what?


In each article linked below, I’ve hidden one holiday or season-themed graphic. Consider, for example, what kind of graphics you associate with Halloween, Thanksgiving, and—ahem—birthdays. What about winter and Christmas? I’m hoping to hide more graphics in a few upcoming articles before the year is out. But for now, here are a few links to get you started:


Of course, every game has rules. Please don’t tell anyone what the images are or where they’re hidden. If you find one, feel free to post in the comments that you found it, how easy or difficult you thought it was to find, how much you enjoyed the hunt—whatever. But please don’t state anything too revealing.

And you know what they say about this time of year… Tis the season of giving!


So, if I can drum up enough interest in the hunt between now and the new year (that is to say, emailed entries from at least 20 separate individuals), I’ll host a drawing on the first of 2019 for winner’s choice of one of the following:

  1. $10 gift card to any business that sells online cards (and seems legit). Open to all regardless of country unless some bizarre restriction or security issue becomes apparent during attempted acquisition.
  2. $10 donation to your charity of choice (assuming it can be paid online and it doesn’t conflict with my personal values).
  3. One paperback or e-copy of any book mentioned in any of the articles I’ve written since my blog started in April 2018. (That’s a scavenger hunt in it’s own right!) Note: in the case of sequels, the reader may choose, instead, an earlier book in series if so desired. Also, physical items needing to be shipped are open to US residents only.

To enter the draw, email me a description of the hidden graphics you found in each of the three articles above. Please spread the word as well, and consider perusing the articles for ideas on what to read next. Oh, yeah. Don’t forget to stay tuned for more articles (see below) and the corresponding graphics hidden within. Each additional graphic you find—above and beyond the first three—will count as an extra entry for the giveaway.

Happy Hunting—er—Holidays!

Want an example of what to look for?


See if you can find my picture (shown above) hidden in the snowman image below. This should give you some idea of how sneaky I was in hiding the scavenger hunt images.


Additional Scavenger Hunt Articles (coming soon)

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Lara Storm spends at least half her life within the musty vaults of her brain, constructing new worlds and engaging fictional friends. Since winning the Illinois Young Authors Contest in middle school, she took a detour through graduate school and spent three years as an instructor of geology at the college level before completing her first novel in 2013. From caving, to hiking, to whitewater kayaking, Lara has been involved in a number of exciting outdoor activities, some of which crop up in her writing. She has written songs, created recipes for brewing beer, and enjoys dabbling in photo manipulation. When she’s not writing (or chasing an energetic toddler around the house)—she enjoys critiquing and mentoring other writers. Connect with her here:

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