Mineralogy & Petrology of Terrene


Today I have the honor of hosting a guest post by RJ Metcalf, author of the Stones of Terrene Fantasy-Steampunk Chronicles, which just released its second book in the series less than two weeks ago!

Here’s a quick summary of the new release before we get to the post.

Void Born

The bloodstone has been stolen.

Although the barrier remains, its stability is at risk. And if it falls, all of southern Terrene will be forfeit.

After the tragedies in Doldra, the valiant crew of the Sapphire struggles to regain their footing. Jade returns to Lucrum with the escort of Prince Weston only to find herself cornered by Lord Everett’s political maneuvering. With her freedom at stake, Jade is faced with a choice: give up her dreams for the future, or watch as those closest to her die.

Ben hunts down Victor and his mysterious Void Born with the help of Finn and his granddaughter Raine. The longer they are together, the harder Ben falls for the enigmatic swordswoman. But mad sages and ruthless assassins aren’t all he needs to fear—if Ben’s friends find out his secret, he could lose everything.

With Terrene at stake, they cannot lose sight of their goals.

Even with the past and the future pulling at them.

Void BornGet it today on Amazon | Renegade Skyfarer: Amazon or B&N

Mineralogy and Petrology? Say what?

Mineralogy is the study of minerals. Petrology is the study of rocks.

That’s the subject of RJ’s post and—given my background in geology—I couldn’t think of a better world-building topic to guest host. So, without further delay, let’s learn a little more about the actual stones that give this series its name!

Take it away, RJ!


So the name of the series is the Stones of Terrene. But what’s so special about these stones?

Much like our own rocks here on earth, the stones are naturally made in different ways, but unlike our own world, the stones of Terrene are used for more than just paving roads and making gardens pretty. I’ll focus on four specific types, as these are mentioned enough in the first book to be memorable.

Gravity Stones

gravity stone

Anyone who’s read Renegade Skyfarer or Void Born has likely caught on to the fact that the best airships use gravity stones for their lift and even some propulsion, and they may have caught on to the detail that these gravity stones are now rare. That’s because the gravity stones were first found and mined in the mountain region north of High Doldra, where the Barrier now resides. Once the Barrier went up, the free-floating stones typically found in the caverns of the mountains were inaccessible to either side, and new tech was needed for airships, thus resulting in the steam-powered airships, “steamies.” I honestly can’t even remember where this particular idea originated from. It’s just always been!

Lightning Stones

Lightning stones

Okay, I confess that lightning stones were instigated by Stardust and the lightning harvesting. Mike and I had this sudden idea of: “What if lightning could be harvested in something as compact as a stone? How insane would that be?” Thus the lightning stones were born, and they have proven to be immensely useful in several walks of life. With the right application and necessary skill, doctors use lightning stones to jump start a patient’s heart. Dragon hunters use lightning stones with specific weapons to stun and/or kill their prey. And some have used lightning stones to stun fish in small lakes as a youthful hazing ritual despite many voices of wisdom cautioning against such foolishness. The stone itself is unremarkable when mined from the Sparkling Hills of Columbine, but dozens of these simple stones, when tied to lightning rods, quickly charge with lightning power and are sold for a fairly decent amount of lut. But these stones do need to be charged every few years, so they aren’t as valuable as the seemingly-endlessly charged gravity stones.

Healing Stones


Then there’s healing stones, which are not at all innately magical to any degree. These stones are rumored to have been discovered by accident by one of the sages of old, whose names has been lost to time. Whatever happened, someone figured out that a sage could use their own gift of bending elements to literally bend time into the stone, and if they were truly skilled, they’d be able to even bind traces of different healing properties. Some sages being more skilled in reducing inflammation could tie that into the stone, or others could make the rock absorb numbing qualities. It would depend on what the sage’s particular gifts were, and how adept they were in harnessing and pouring that into the rock. Sages of such skill are not necessarily rare, but the volume of what they produce isn’t exactly grandiose. To have any type of healing stones is a sign of wealth, having the right friends, or a simple fact of royalty. As for how they came about…well, I’m a mom of two boys. Wishful thinking!

Luminary Crystals


And then there’re the luminary crystals. Full confession: Every time I see a rock-salt lamp, I think of these and I wish so desperately they were actually stones that weren’t based off electricity! Luminary stones are hands down, my favorite. They are just so pretty! Luminary crystals are popular in the entire nation of Doldra, and they are harvested in caverns close to Loore’s Landing and the western ocean. These gorgeous, shimmering crystals come in a wide variety of colors, and can be used for anything as simple and soft as a nightlight to something as bright and warm as a chandelier in a throne room. The lighter colored gems are much more plentiful than the deep, almost dark crystals. In wealthy places like the palace, there are full patterns of the deeper, gem-tone colors in the floor of the throne room. Balls and evening events take on a magical feel in Doldra with their plentiful amount of these beauties.

I hope that was a fun little bit of the worldbuilding! Which stone is your favorite? Do you have any fun ideas for stones that you wish were in the books?

About the Author


During the day, Becky is a stay at home mom of two active little boys. When she has ‘free time’, she enjoys reading, writing, baking and sewing.

After many years of creative writing classes, writing fanfiction drabbles and daydreaming, it was high time to start writing her husband Mike’s story. She dove into the world of Terrene and hasn’t looked back—except for when she runs out of dark chocolate.

Any free time not spent in Terrene is typically expended on hosting dinner and game nights, running amok with the two little monkeys or watching nerdy movies with Mike.

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Lara Storm spends at least half her life within the musty vaults of her brain, constructing new worlds and engaging fictional friends. Since winning the Illinois Young Authors Contest in middle school, she took a detour through graduate school and spent three years as an instructor of geology at the college level before completing her first novel in 2013. From caving, to hiking, to whitewater kayaking, Lara has been involved in a number of exciting outdoor activities, some of which crop up in her writing. She has written songs, created recipes for brewing beer, and enjoys dabbling in photo manipulation. When she’s not writing (or chasing an energetic toddler around the house)—she enjoys critiquing and mentoring other writers. Connect with her here: https://storystorming.wordpress.com/ https://www.facebook.com/AuthorLCStorm.

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